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Web Conferencing

When you need to quickly make decisions and make sure your audience understands your message, web conferencing and audio conferencing is the answer. Our web collaboration tools let you see, share and update documents online while on an audio call.

We offer Cisco WebEx full-featured web conferencing, supported by our web training programs. In addition, web conferencing can be supported by WebJoin, our online tool that lets you launch and join a BT web conference in three easy steps, using just your BT MeetMe Global Access passcode.

Benefits of Web Conferencing

  • No need to meet face to face to review documents - it’s all done at a click of a button
  • Real-time collaboration - share, collaborate and discuss your projects in real time with your colleagues and suppliers
  • Faster output from meeting discussions - develop documents in real-time

What can I use Web Conferencing for?

  • Department Meetings
  • Team meetings/brainstorm sessions
  • Company announcements
  • Project Meetings
  • Reviewing documents remotely