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Frequently asked questions

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What is BT Conferencing Streaming?

From a viewers’ perspective it’s a URL link through to a webpage that typically has audio, video and slides all delivered through an online connection. This can be viewed either:

  • Live "as it happens" - where viewers watch your event 'live' via a webpage
  • On-demand "recorded" - where viewers watch your event, via a webpage after your event has happened.
What streaming services does BT Conferencing provide?

BT Managed Streaming - delivering your event via the internet to your viewers.

BT Enterprise Streaming - extending the reach of your event to the viewers on your corporate intranet.

How can we capture your event?

BT Managed Streaming can capture your video or audio event via:

  • Video conferencing equipment – the most popular way to capture a streamed video event
  • Telephone or Event Bridge
  • Satellite
  • Fibre
  • Onsite encoding

Please speak with your BT Account Manager to discuss the most appropriate solution for you.

How do I book a BT Conferencing streaming event?

You can book a streaming event by contacting either your BT Account Manager or our Help Desk

What do I need to view a streamed event?
  • A personal computer running Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (or) Apple Mac OS X 10.3
  • Internet access and a browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) with ActiveX and Plug-ins enabled
  • A streaming media player installed on your computer

For specific system requirements, and recommendations on browsers and streaming media players, please read our support guide for How to view a streamed event

How do I know if I can receive streaming media?

Use this link to test your system and determine if you can receive streaming media.

How much bandwidth is consumed whilst viewing a streamed event?

Consumed bandwidth depends upon the bit rate speed for the streamed event. Typically this is 22 kilo bits per second for an audio only stream and 300 kilo bits per second for a video stream. For viewers connected directly to the Internet this should present no problems, as each participant will have their own dedicated bandwidth. For viewers connected via a company Intranet, you will need to consult with your IT department to ensure that your network has sufficient Internet / Intranet bandwidth or support for streaming. For example, 1000 participants viewing a 300 kilo bit per second video stream from a company Intranet will consume 300 Mega bits per second unless the network has support for streaming such as BT Enterprise Streaming.

BT Enterprise Streaming

To manage your corporate bandwidth more effectively our BT Enterprise Streaming solution uses software peering technology to deliver your stream over your intranet. This is done via a desktop client that utilizes your existing Local Area Network thus optimizing the Wide Area Network bandwidth demands, removing the need for you to add more bandwidth or buy additional hardware. The more computers connecting to your stream the more efficient the desktop client becomes with reduced load and a higher built in redundancy across your network.

Does streaming work through firewalls?

Yes, provided your firewall is configured correctly to allow streaming. Please contact your IT Department about possible firewall, proxy server, or other security systems in place that may block audio/video streaming media.

How secure is access to the stream?

Video and audio streams have to be played by standard PC / MAC players and for this reason cannot be encrypted. However, there are several levels of event access restriction that can be applied to make your event more secure:

The simplest and lowest level of security is to apply a common password protection to your event.

One level higher is our Unique Username/Password security. Each viewer is issued a unique username and password which is a one-time use access code. It will authenticate the personal computer the first time it is used for that event, and will not work again on any other machine. Usernames and passwords can be provided by BT Conferencing or you as the customer.

A very popular technique for access restriction is to validate the viewer’s IP address against a list of pre-authorized addresses. We can also offer URL referral authentication, whereby you as the customer places a hyperlink to your event on an internal, access restricted page (on an intranet or similar access). Only viewers clicking on the hyperlink on that page are permitted access to your event.

Finally, many corporate customers utilize internal Multicasting or Unicasting behind the firewall. This ensures that only viewers within that network can access the streams.

How are BT Conferencing Streaming services priced?

Please contact your BT Account Manager who will be able to advise you on pricing for our streaming services.

How do I invite viewers to my live streamed event?

BT Conferencing will supply you with your event URL via a streaming invite confirmation email as part of the booking confirmation process. This should be emailed to your viewers wishing to watch the live stream. The URL will become live typically 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of your event.

How do viewers view my recorded streamed event?

After your event has finished you can email your event URL to viewers wanting to watch your recorded stream. They simply click on the URL to watch your event. Archived content will be available in time that equates to approximately 1.5 times the event duration. For example, if you have a 2 hour live event your recorded stream will be available approximately 3 hours after your event finishes.

When can I start preparing/uploading the slides, polling questions, URLs etc ready for the event?

If you have purchased the Presentation Package option then you can begin preparing for your event as soon as you receive your URL’s, which will typically be within 72 hours of receiving your booking. The URL’s will provide you access to the web based VisualPresenter interface so that you can start to load the content for your event. Alternatively you can arrange for BT to run your event for you.

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