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Invite people to your BT Managed
Event audio conference

After you have reviewed your confirmation email and checked that all the information is correct, invite your participants. Your confirmation email will contain sample text for you to include in your invitation.

As an alternative, you can:
1. Copy and paste this template into your email
2. Replace the sample information in [brackets] with the information from your confirmation email(s)

TIP: Send only participant passcodes, attendee meeting keys and/or passwords. Do not send chairperson passcodes or host meeting keys, so your meeting will remain secure.

Meeting title: [Test BT Event Call]
Date / Start time: [Tues Feb 14, 2006 at 4:00 PM EST]
Duration: [60 minutes]

Dial-in information/

Dial-in #: [1 800 123 4567]
International dial-in #: [+1 617 123 4567]
Participant passcode: [01234567]

Web Conferencing

Meeting URL: [url]
Meeting ID: [0X000X]
Attendee meeting key: [x-x0-xx-x]
Meeting number: [000 000 000]
Meeting password: [000000]