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Frequently asked questions

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General questions

What is BT Premium Event?

BT Premium Event is a booked audio conferencing service, designed specifically for larger conferences from 40 to over 2500 participants.

What are the different types of BT Premium Event?
  • BT Premium Event: Our Premium solution lets you leverage our complete portfolio of services and the expertise of our professional staff. Designed for high-profile meetings, such as company-wide meetings, press announcements, and Investor Relations calls.
  • BT Operator Assisted Event: An expert Managed Event coordinator handles all the technical and administrative aspects of your conference call to ensure that each conference is as productive and efficient as possible.
  • BT Express: A scheduled call that allows for automated entry via a pre-determined passcode for onetime use. There is no moderator on the call. Ideal for sessions with 40 or more participants and when you need an additional layer of security beyond BT MeetMe Global Access.

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How do I schedule a BT Premium Event?

Please contact the help desk. A BT Premium Event Coordinator will guide you through every step.

This is my first time running a major BT Premium Event. How do I get started?
When you call to book your BT Premium Event, you will be assisted every step of the way by one of our BT Premium Event coordinators. Your coordinator will guide you through the scheduling process, helping you to determine which features and services are necessary for your call. During the call, your coordinator will choreograph your event from start to finish, providing constant monitoring for help, security, and sound purposes.

I have sensitive information that I will need to discuss privately with the BT Premium Event coordinator during the call. Is there a way I can do this?

Yes. Communication Link is a feature that allows the conference chairperson to speak directly to the BT Premium Event coordinator through a completely separate and discreet line.

I have a number of participants who will be calling in from other countries. Do you have special numbers for them to use?

Of course! BT Conferencing offers Global Access Numbers for BT Premium Event that allow your participants to dial in to your conference using country-specific local numbers.

Are there any features that give the chairperson added control during the call?

Yes. Vantage Point is a web-based interface that allows you to monitor your conference and Q&A session as well as send text messages to the BT Event Call Coordinator via your Internet browser.

I have some slides that I think would make my presentation stronger. How would I show them during a call?

BT Conferencing offers Web Conferencing to complement your high-profile call.

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